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03 —— ABOUT US

Liuzhou Ruike Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of road and bridge components. The company is located in Xinxing Industrial Park, Liujiang District, Liuzhou City, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation. The company is a professional enterprise integrating research and development of prestressed products, production of machines and tools, anchorage and engineering construction. Its products are widely used in road and bridge, high-speed railway, municipal, high-rise buildings, power station construction, rock and soil anchoring, deep foundation pit support and other projects. The company has a strong technical force. It has a group of professional and technical talents who have been engaged in the design, manufacturing, maintenance and construction of prestressed anchorage machines and tools for many years, and can provide users with high-quality and inexpensive products, good after-sales service and professional technical consultation. According to the production experience summarized by the company and the user's use information feedback, the newly developed prestressed intelligent tensioning system and intelligent grouting system are widely used in China and are generally praised by relevant people in the industry. By absorbing the technical essence of various series of anchoring systems produced by the same industry in the country, Liuzhou rk anchoring system is introduced, which has the advantages of convenient installation and use, stable quality, high anchoring efficiency coefficient, safety and reliability. The supporting tensioning equipment has complete varieties and specifications. YCW series hydraulic jacks and ZB series electric oil pumps have developed the fourth generation products, which have the advantages of compact structure, beautiful shape, light weight, convenient operation, etc., and have been trusted and praised by users. The company's product quality is strictly in accordance with the ISO9001-2015 international standard for production management, has established a set of strict management system, and has passed the registration certification of the China Quality Certification Center. The product has been tested by various national authoritative testing departments, and its technical performance indicators meet the national standard GB/T14370-2015.

Shi Jianfeng
General Manager
The person at the helm of the company's development is leading our big family, Ruike, to ride the wind and waves towards a brilliant future! In addition, he has been engaged in the prestressing industry for decades and has rich experience in product or product research and development.
Wen Xianyou
Chief Engineer
He has been engaged in prestressed production for decades, has rich production experience, and manages the major principals of our company's production and research and development, after-sales services, product installation, guidance, etc. Manifesto: Keep improving, satisfy customers with good products, and reassure customers with service.
Yang Jingping
Service Manager
The main person in charge of the business has rich sales experience. I have my own opinions on the mode and method of online sales, and give advice on the future development of online and foreign businesses of the company. Manifesto: Take the company's development as the driving force, let the company's good products go out!